Boys Intuition

I’m calling it boys intuition! This afternoon Paxton pointed to the tractor on his dresser so I got it down for him and he started “driving” it around!

I’m amazed at how much of a little boy he is becoming and even more amazed at the boy things that just come natural…like pushing a tractor around!

I know this has to make his daddy, grandaddies and great grandaddies so proud! {And it makes me so excited about the possibility of buying a house with a little land so he can “farm” outside…or at least push his tractors around in the dirt and help mama in the garden!}


He is enjoying his tractor!

Crash…both baby and tractor!

What a cute little farmer!

And here’s a message from Paxton himself:

j                      k  b                    Ωmm

{That means I love you very much grandma’s, grandpa’s, aunts and uncles! Come visit soon!}vz

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  1. Denise says:

    That is just too cute. It is amazing how those instincts come so naturally at such a young age. Little farmers and little mommies developing right in front of our eyes. Love ya, Mom

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