Blowouts & Bottles

This morning started out quite similar to yesterday morning…with a blowout! It happened right after his morning feeding, I went to change him and saw that it was all over his back and sleeper again! I told John David I needed help to get the sleeper off without getting anymore poo on it and as soon as he came over Paxton started peeing! Needless to say he had another bath this morning!

We used his baby bath tub for the first time! He seemed to enjoy this bath too!

After bath time Daddy left for work and I dressed him! I put him in his grey onesie with his name embroidered on it that his Nana Cobble had made for him! He looked so cute!

This is his thinking face!

While Paxton napped I managed to do an hour of transcribing and I also was able to cook our dinner (tacos of course…it is Cinco de Mayo!) He was a little fussy today but I certainly can’t complain! One time the Moby Wrap calmed him, another time the swing and another time just being laid in his crib and left alone (he seems to be somewhat of an independent baby!)

Here he is dressed and ready to go to church!

Before going to church, we went and got gas which was an adventure…they put someone else’s $15 on my pump so it cut off at $15 (I thought I had ran my debit card). Well, the guy comes out and tells me I have to come in and pay! I wasn’t about to leave my baby in the car so I picked my sleeping baby out of his car seat, walked in, paid, came back, put him in his car seat and pumped more gas!

Then we ran to Aldi to pick up a few groceries! I was so proud that I managed to get him out of the car and into the cart and grocery shop with my baby for the first time! (I’ve been scared about going out by myself but we did just fine!)

We had a good evening at church, we enjoyed spending time with daddy and Paxton even made it through half of the prayer meeting! (It was time to eat, otherwise he would have made it the entire time!)

I decided tonight that we were going to try to give Paxton his first bottle. He is almost 3 weeks and has had no problems breastfeeding so far, so I figured we’d go ahead and try the bottle! I pumped right before John David got home and then daddy was able to feed his boy!

Daddy feeding Paxton his very first bottle!

I put 1 ounce in the bottle and he drank it fast! After he finished the bottle he nursed and had no problems whatsoever!

Now Paxton is in bed and we are calling it a night too!

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  1. Bethany says:

    He looks a lot like his daddy! So precious!

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