Blog Work

Over the next few days I’m going to be moving posts that are currently on Frugal and Simple Living to The Simple Life of the Boreings.

You may see posts from 2007 up to the beginning of 2010! They’ll all be about our family so consider it a trip down memory lane!

2 Responses to “Blog Work”

  1. Sarah says:

    oh fun! looking forward to seeing them. are you going to be getting rid of frugal and simple living?

    • Rachel says:

      My first blog was The Simple Life of the Boreings and then I started Frugal and Simple Living and combined the two. Once Paxton was born and I wanted to share about him a lot, I decided to bring back this blog. I'm now finally getting around to getting the old family content off to Frugal and Simple Living in hopes of making that blog better!

      The posts are actually not coming through the feed (which I'm happy about!) You may have seen one or two that I forgot to put the old date on though! 🙂

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