Blessings for Baby

About a week ago one of my blog friends, Amy, who blogs at Mom’s Balance contacted me and said she had some baby items, some her boys had worn and some that were new, that she would like to send me for Paxton! I anxiously awaited for the package to arrive last week because I’m definitely in the nesting stage and am so excited to receive things we need for our baby boy!

Yesterday I about fell out of my chair when my husband came in and handed me this huge box:

Of course it felt like Christmas all over again when I opened it! It was stuffed full of precious baby things!! (And I mean stuffed…the towels were in the box when I opened it and I couldn’t fit them back in to snap this picture!)

Of course I’d love to share pictures of everything but here are a few of my favorite baby items:

I can’t wait to see him wearing these onesies!!

Honestly, I didn’t even know these vinyl bibs existed until we visited my family over New Year’s and my niece had some! My sister told me these are a must have for eating because they make clean up so easy and you don’t have a nasty cloth bib! I was thrilled to find these in the box (and they’re all really cute!)

Matching sets!! In the back there is a polka dot onesie, gown & blanket and an animal print bib, onesie & blanket! In the front there is a striped bib & blanket and an elephant onesie, gown & blanket!! Oh so cute!!

Classic Pooh set…a gown, 2 onesies, 3 pair of socks and 2 hats! Oh so adorable! (See the Pooh Bear scratch mittens on the gown…precious!!)

Newborn clothes! I didn’t have any newborn clothes for Paxton at all (I know I don’t need many because they grow so fast)! I was so excited to see these precious newborn items! 4 onesies and a footed sleeper (with built in scratch mittens!)

And this is one of my favorite items! It’s a hooded towel that Amy made (she sent me 2)!! It’s made out of a regular towel and hand towel! I love the fact that I’ll be able to use these not only when he’s a baby but as he gets older, much better than regular baby towels!

Again, we are amazed that God is providing for our every need through generous family and friends (even friends who live miles away that we’ve never met!) We are so blessed and thankful for people who are so giving and generous!

Thank you so much Amy!!

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