Today is my 22nd birthday which is a significant day for me because my mom was 22 when I was born! So this year she is exactly twice my age and after this year I will be catching up with her 🙂

We began the birthday celebration last night, John David took me out to Pancho’s Place for our favorite Mexican food, Enchiladas Verdes! As usual it was delicious and we stuffed ourselves! I made my birthday cake yesterday (I really wanted to make my cake because we only make a cake once or twice a year) it turned out awful looking, it fell apart and for the first time ever I used an entire can of frosting trying to hold it together!!

This morning John David told me Happy Birthday first thing and didn’t leave for work until 9:00!! Of course my birthday fell on the busiest day of the week (he doesn’t get home until 9:30 on Wednesdays)!! I spent the day working & reading.

I am still reading through the Little House books so The Long Winter is my reading for today!

Mom & Dad sent me this lovely card and some birthday money (which I will save probably for at least a year…I just spent my birthday money from last year a few weeks ago!!)

I made Chicken & Potato Soup for dinner and took it to church and had dinner with my sweet hubby…the soup was wonderful! We had a wonderful Prayer & Praise service and a sweet lady I met just a few weeks ago gave me a card she made for me! It is so beautiful!!

It’s been a Happy Birthday!!

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