Birthday Presents

This past Thursday John David’s dad was in town for a meeting and we met him for dinner at Cracker Barrel! I ordered the Cracker Barrel Sampler and had Dumplins, Sugar Cured Ham, and Meatloaf! Everything was good even the meatloaf with onions and peppers, in fact it tasted just like my moms meatloaf which I hated but I suppose I now like it! 🙂

He brought birthday presents for me & they are great!!

They had a Life: Frugal and Simple shirt made for me!

I asked for fabric since I enjoy creating things and I got these beautiful fabrics!

Rotary cutter to make cutting quilt squares easier!

My sister came to visit Saturday and brought my present from my parents. They got me a rotary cutter and mats! (A rotary cutter was on my birthday list!) So now I am rich with rotary cutters! I am not sure if I should keep all of the rotary cutters or just purchase a mat to go with the single rotary cutter! I would love suggestions since I have never had a rotary cutter!!

Thanks for all my wonderful birthday presents! I know everything will be enjoyed in my sewing!

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