Beginning the Nursery

Sunday marked 2 months from Paxton’s due date! Since Monday is John David’s day off we decided to start on the nursery yesterday!!

This is what the room looked like on Monday morning!

Here is the room after we removed all of the furniture!

Then we brought the baby bed in!! Exciting!! It has been in our basement for 2 months so I cleaned it!

John David had the important task of assembling the bed!! (I’m so glad he is handy…I didn’t understand the directions at all!)

And of course we told each other over and over “I can’t believe we’re having a baby,” and “There will be a baby in this bed in less than 2 months!”

Working hard on the bed!!

Here is the crib with the bedding!! John David’s parents purchased our crib and my parents purchased the bedding! (The bedding is Kids Line Countryside, found at a baby thrift store for $20!!)

We also brought the changing table into the room:

Here I am cleaning the changing table! (It’s also been in the basement for 2 months!)

And here is what the changing table looks like now! See my stash of cloth diapers?? So exciting!! I plan to get baskets to go on the changing table to hold my cloth diapers and wipes as well as disposable diapers and wipes and baby powder!

We did bring the rocking chair in the room and plan to bring the dresser in soon (it’s an oak piece and I’m not allowed to help bring it up the stairs!) We still aren’t sure about furniture arrangement, we arranged it about 4 different times yesterday before finding a layout that we like!

Now I’ve got to work on decorating the room!! We’re going with a farm theme and I’m so excited!!

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