Beginning of March

March 1 was absolutely beautiful so I took the boys outside and was able to snap some sweet pictures! They’re not perfect since it’s almost impossible to get a 22-month-old to sit still and look at the camera but they’re cute shots!

Sweet little Weston!

This little man is getting so big and I’m loving him more and more with each passing day!

Paxton loves, loves, loves being outside! This day he was playing with sticks!

Marching through the yard with a big stick!


They both look mean but they’re still cute!

Paxton enjoyed his very first strawberry smoothie on March 2 and I think this picture is evidence that he loved it! I am so thankful I took his shirt off because it was everywhere!!

On the 3rd, I got away for a few hours by myself and John David had the boys! He caught Paxton setting the table and serving dinner! So precious!

We finally got chickens on the 6th! We’ve been looking for buff orpingtons for weeks and weeks and weeks and finally found some about 30 minutes from our house! We’re all so excited!

Paxton checking out our new girls!!

Peeping into the chicken house!

Love this shot of these two!!

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