Beautiful Weather

The past few weeks, the weather has been absolutely beautiful and we’ve been outside a lot enjoying flowering in bloom, watching our chickens, gardening and all the wonderful things that come with spring!

Sweet Paxton loves flowers!!

It’s been wonderful to get this little guy out some. We typically play while he’s napping or I wear him but it’s fun to bring a quilt out and let him enjoy being outside. {And I thought having a December baby was horrible but it’s really nice, now that the weather is warming up, he’s old enough to be outside with us! Paxton was an April baby and we pretty much stayed inside all spring and summer when he was teeny.}

Look at that serious look from such a little person!

He’s holding his head up like such a big boy!!

I adore his sweet little baby hair!!

While I was snapping pictures of Weston, Paxton was having a blast playing around this tree.

It is so much fun watching him and his imagination! A stick or a pinecone, coupled with the imagination of an almost 2 year old, becomes many fun things…who needs toys?!

Belly bumping the tree…so happy I captured this moment!

Playing with pinecones.

And the best shot I could get of the boys together…photographing 2 little ones is hard work!

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