Nine Months

Weston is now 9 months old! {He was 9 months on September 22!}

This month’s milestones:

  • Weighs 21 pounds 5 ounces and is 30 inches long!
  • Has 3 teeth. Two on the bottom and one on top.
  • Crawling like a pro. He’s everywhere!

  • Pulling up and letting go. He’s able to stand up to 10 seconds.
  • Eating just about everything we eat now.
  • Nursing every 3-4 hours during the day and for comfort.

  • Still not napping regularly.
  • Starting to play with Paxton.
  • In largest setting in his bumGenius diapers.

  • Outgrowing most 9 month items and wearing mostly 12 months.
  • Still sleeping through the night in spite of teething. {So thankful!}
  • Loves bathtime!

  • Enjoys playing outside {and eating grass!}
  • Has the best laugh.

More September

Here are some pictures from the second half of September:

Precious sleeping baby boy!


Paxton feel asleep in our bed while I was nursing Weston and I laid Weston down beside his brother and they snuggled close…so precious!

Moments like this make the hard moments so worth it! I love these two precious boys so much!

September So Far

September started off with excitement…we bought a van! We are now the owners of a 2004 Nissan Quest! I never would have imagined that I would be driving a minivan but I am and I LOVE it! Our van has power sliding doors and power lift gate…luxurious and so nice for a mama with littles!

I captured this bedtime story moment the other night! Poor Weston just wanted to be included!

Our baby boy is turning into a toddler! He’s pulling up and starting to let go, I have a feeling he’ll be walking before he turns 1!

Sweet Weston has mastered crawling!

Looking so big in the highchair!

My boys LOVE to eat! I really think about half of my day is simply spent feeding children or preparing to feed them. Instead of lamenting the ever increasing grocery budget, I’m viewing all the food they consume as an investment into my children {and seriously, there are no better investments than children!}

And another little eater, this one is always saying “I’m hungry.”


With my sweet wee one!

This picture is super blurry but their little faces are so sweet! I love these two boys so much!

Eight Months

Now that Weston’s almost 9 months old, I’m finally sharing his 8 month pictures! {This blog is super neglected!}

Weston is turning into a toddler more and more everyday and it’s so much fun to watch! I’m loving watching his personality emerge!

Milestones from seven to eight months:

  • Has 2 teeth – the bottom two!
  • Crawling.
  • Pulling up.

  • Loves eating! He’s still eating homemade baby foods like carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, etc.
  • Nursing every 3-4 hours during the day.
  • Still only napping in the car or in my arms.

  • Very interested in big brothers toys.
  • In the largest setting in his bumGenius diapers.
  • Still in 6-9 month clothes and wearing some 12 months things regularly.
  • Still a high needs baby but is such a joy who is teaching me how important daily reliance on God is in parenting!

More shots of this precious baby boy:

August 2012

Now that we’re well into September, I figured it was time to finally share about August!

Life has been crazy lately! The boys keep me busy and I don’t have much time to upload pictures and blog so it rarely gets done. However, I’d much rather meet the needs of my kids and have fun with them instead of writing about the things we do all of the time.

Here’s a glimpse into August in the Boreing household:

This sums up life lately, quite the mess! Paxton was ‘helping’ me unload groceries and the Worcestershire sauce bottle was broken. He cut his hand a little bit but thankfully it was nothing serious. I was so scared for a few minutes when he was covered in sauce and I was trying to see if he had any cuts.

Paxton received some stickers in the mail from his Mimi. I do believe half of them were put on me! I walked around with stickers on my back all day.

Paxton was given a set of kid drums by some friends of ours! He LOVES them and we are so thankful for people who love our children!

Christmas in August for Paxton!

Weston is becoming quite a little explorer! He’s found the diapers.

Weston falls asleep in his high chair after lunch some days…precious!

Paxton and I fingerpainted one night after Weston went to bed. We had so much fun!

Paxton insisted on sleeping in his shoes one night. It was one of “those” nights so I just let him.

Weston is now pulling up in his crib…adorable! I am greeted by this sight almost every morning!

“Stop taking pictures and get me out mama!”

Paxton loves playing with pillows!

Sweet, sweet boy!

Precious Weston.

Two teeth!!

Adorable little boy!

I took the boys outside one day in their matching rompers for a photo shoot. It wasn’t very successful, I didn’t get a single good picture of them together but did manage to get a few cute shots!

They look so much alike to me in this one!

Weston enjoys using the side walk chalk these days!

Our littlest artist!

Sleeping in the high chair…

Somebody colored himself a crayon beard.

Cheesin’ with his beard!

Big boy is standing up!

Weston and daddy napping!

So, that’s a little of what happened in August. 🙂

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