At the Park with Cousins

While in Virginia last week, we went to a park with our cousins!

Paxton loved riding on this little 4-wheeler! He did so good!

Such a big boy! He looks like a mini daredevil here!

He loved swinging. It was so much fun watching him swinging and having fun with cousin Emmy by his side!

Sweet little swinging boy!

He had a big time sliding. There was a small slide that he was able to go down all by himself. He went down it probably 15 times! Every time, as soon as he got to the bottom of the slide, he would turn around and start trying to climb back up.

Emmy loves sliding too!

Paxton had a big time climbing on the stairs at the park. He loves climbing stairs so much now!

Sweet little sliding boy-love these big smiles!

All the cousins at the park! {My cousin David and his daughter and my niece Emerson!}

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