At My Parents

2 weekends ago we went to visit my family. We had a lovely visit and Paxton had a blast with his cousin Emmy! {We didn’t take a ton of pictures, but here are a few!}

Emmy loves Pax!

Getting sweet kisses!

I just love this shot! Emmy looks like such a big girl!

Brother…wearing matching jammies!

Since we don’t have a Pack’n’Play and don’t want one since they’re so big, we have to get creative when traveling with our babies! Paxton sleeps in a big boy bed with a rail on it at my parents and Weston started his nights in a clothes basket and a doll bed! {And as usual, wound up in our bed!} We put a blanket in them and he slept swaddled on his back! {Of course he’s almost too big for the doll bed!}


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