Here’s a few of my favorite pictures from the month of April:

Beyond precious. Nothing like a chunky baby boy in nothing but a diaper sucking on his fingers!! LOVE!

He certainly has a good appetite (and rich milk) to maintain this chunkiness!

Paxton sometimes wants to sleep on ‘daddy’s bed’ I let him nap here one afternoon and he enjoyed the extra space. (Also, this is proof of how John David and I end up hugging the sides of the bed when Paxton does sleep with us. That little boy sleeps in the middle and sprawls out!)

Precious little one!

Love the chin!!

We propped Weston up on the pillow and he fell asleep so Paxton had to got get babies and a blanket for him! And then Paxton laid down too and pretended to sleep…complete with fake snoring!

Precious baby snuggled up with his brothers babies!

Love this little bitty man!

Impromptu reading in the kitchen floor during supper prep!

Weston does some reading too these days!

And he does lots of chewing…the boys loves his hands!

Nannie and Pawpaw came for a visit to celebrate Paxton’s birthday!

Sweet little Weston in one of his precious rompers!

Hope you enjoyed these precious pictures of these two sweet boys!

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