An Accident, Check-up & Relaxing

This morning started out quite eventful! Paxton woke up around 5:15, he smelled dirty so I started to change him. Well, he wasn’t very dirty but as soon as I pulled the dirty diaper out from under him, he started pooping! I caught as much as I could with the wipe in my hand but some got onto the changing table and his sleeper!

I managed to get a clean diaper on and I put him in bed with his daddy while I cleaned up the changing table. Once I got everything cleaned off I nursed him and then took my shower.

Laying in bed with daddy while mama cleaned up the mess!

When I got out of the shower this is how I found my two men!

So cute…I think he enjoyed the freedom! We swaddle him at night so he’s not used to sleeping with his hands over his head!

We had his 2 week check up this morning. He weighed 8 pounds 14 ounces which is up 6 ounces from his birth weight (and 14 ounces more than his last check up 10 days ago!) It’s exciting that he’s gaining weight since it means breastfeeding is going well!!

After the check up, we went to church and I nursed Paxton there. After I finished nursing, I left Paxton at work with daddy and I went to pick up some diapers and groceries. Paxton slept pretty much the entire time I was gone. When I got back, we came home and enjoyed a restful afternoon.

We enjoyed a relaxing Friday night watching TV. After nursing he dozed with me and then with daddy!

Our precious sleeping baby!

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