All About Weddings

Last night the women’s ministry at our church hosted an All About Weddings event. It started with a bridal fashion show, our women’s ministry leader, Marie, talked about becoming the bride of Christ, and then was followed by a vendor show.

I participated in the fashion show! I wore my bridesmaid dress from my friend Kara’s wedding which was in December. She told me that I would wear this dress again and turns out she was right! As of now I have worn it 3 times, at her wedding, for a picture to promote the All About Weddings Event, and last night during the show!

This is a beautiful bridesmaid dress!

The vendor show had wedding cake & punch (the punch was amazing…I hope to get the recipe!) There were photographers, wedding planners, caterers, Pampered Chef consultants, and Annie Brown was there with her new business If These Walls Could Speak. Her artwork is beautiful! I ordered one that has “But as for me and my house we will serve the Lord” as the background with a “B” and “established 2006” on it! This is my painting (except for the year difference!)

I had a lot of fun reminiscing over weddings and spending time with wonderful women from the First Family!

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