A Little Comparison

I love comparing pictures of my boys! I know comparison is bad but they’re just babies! Sometimes I’ll put Weston in an outfit and it will trigger a memory of Paxton and he reminds me of Paxton as a baby!

7 weeks

A few days ago, Weston was wearing a white shirt and pants. He spit up on his pants so I took them off and he had a blue diaper on. I immediately remembered that I had pictures of Paxton wearing a white shirt with a blue diaper:

5 weeks 5 days

Here are shots of the boys wearing the same outfit. There’s only a 3 day age difference in the two shots!

7 weeks 2 days

7 weeks 5 days

Weston is quite a bit chunkier than Paxton was! It’s absolutely amazing to me that he’s bigger than his brother was at the same age since he was nearly 2 pounds lighter at birth!


Here are the brothers! This is probably the best picture we have of both of them together so far! {Excuse Paxton’s lack of clothing…he’s in this phase where he LOVES taking his clothes off and running around in his diaper!}

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