A Fun Day

This past Friday was a fun day for the entire family! It started off with Paxton taking a ride with Daddy to go pick up some gear for church! Daddy and Paxton enjoyed some quality time together and Mama was able to have 2 hours all by herself! I mended, crafted, started laundry, cleaned, and more! {It’s amazing what I can get done without my little shadow!}

Paxton looked like such a big boy in his jeans, t-shirt and tennis shoes (that you can’t see)! He was very excited to leave with Daddy!

I did enjoy peace and quiet in the morning, but that afternoon, it was back to chasing around Paxton! He pulled about 20 tissues out of the tissue box!

And he tried some climbing!

And of course he played! I actually caught him stacking his blocks!! How exciting…of course when I grabbed the camera to capture the moment he stopped!

One cute little man!

He’s starting to pull himself up on his baby chair!

And we had so much fun with his balloon that we received from the grocery store Wednesday! He even tried to say balloon…it didn’t really sound like balloon but he’d say the same word when he pointed so I know that’s what he was saying!

Sweet, sweet boy!!

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