365 Days Ago

One year ago today, we went for our first OB visit and heard the heartbeat of a teeny, tiny baby! We were in love from the moment we first saw our baby! I think it’s special that we saw Paxton for the very first time on his great grandpa Boreing’s birthday  (September 8th) and we met him on his grandpa Boreing’s birthday (April 16th)!

I’m absolutely amazed that the little tiny peanut sized baby we saw just one year ago is now an active and fun (almost) 17 pound baby!

Here he is today! He’s changed quite a bit in 365 days!!

This morning in his baseball jammies! (This was before breakfast so I’m thankful he wasn’t screaming!)

He has made friends with his feet! I think he is just so cute when he is playing with his feet!

Looking serious!

Today he’s picked back up on sucking on his lower lip. He did this when he was a newborn and today rediscovered it!

More lower lip sucking! He’s done this all day long! It’s amazing how babies all the sudden pick up a new habit!!

Looking completely precious!

We love this little guy so much!

And Happy Birthday Papaw, we love you!!

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  1. Katie says:

    Paxton is such a doll! You definately have one handsome little guy on your hands 🙂

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