5 Weeks Old

Yesterday Paxton was 5 weeks old! It has been an amazing 5 weeks with our little blessing and we really enjoying watching a little personality begin to take shape!

Once John David left for work, I got dressed and then dressed Paxton! His outfit was so cute that I had to take some pictures of him!

Look at our little man! He looks so big in this outfit!

He’s one handsome boy! (He gets his looks from his handsome daddy!)

Is this hat not absolutely adorable? It makes the cute outfit about 10 times cuter!!

I love this expression! (He was getting tired!)

And then he just fell asleep…I suppose being adorable is hard work!

Look at those cheeks!

And ¬†after the photo shoot, I decided that the outfit was so cute that he was wearing it to church on Sunday so I changed him into a more “babyish” outfit.

Isn’t it amazing what a difference an outfit makes? He looks so much older in his “little man” outfit.

We had a pretty good day. Paxton was fussy so I forgot about my “to do” list and focused on my sweet baby! I just held him, rocked to him and sang to him. We fell asleep around 3 and slept until 5! That was a lovely nap for both of us! Once he woke up, he ate and then was in good spirits the rest of the evening!

Since John David was at church for a wedding rehearsal, I walked out to the mailbox with Paxton in the Moby Wrap and Mac on the leash. I stopped and visited with our neighbor and her 2 year old and 4 month old, she liked the Moby Wrap so I went home, dropped off my mail, took Mac off the leash and Paxton out of the Moby and went back to let her try out the Moby, which she liked! As I was leaving, I saw that John David was in the neighbors garage chatting so I stopped there too!

Once we finally made it home, it was after 8 so I pulled out Pizza Pockets from the freezer and we watched Bones on Hulu!

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