4 Weeks Old

Today was a good day! It wasn’t too stressful and I was able to spend quite a bit of snuggle time with my 4 week old baby! I can hardly believe that he’s 4 weeks already but at the same time it seems like he’s been here forever! We love him so much and it’s fun (and a little bit sad) to watch him grow!

Right after daddy left for work Paxton was bathed (nothing better than the smell of baby shampoo in his hair), dressed and fed! Our day consisted of laundry, snuggling, feeding, washing cloth diapers, and looking over finances!

Around 3:30 I sat down and listened to the end of the Dave Ramsey Show and rocked Paxton to sleep! He was wide awake until I started singing to him! Once I started singing his eyelids started fluttering…I suppose he doesn’t mind my horrible voice! I sang Jesus Loves Me, Jesus Loves the Little Children, Amazing Grace and Blessed Assurance! He will know hymns, not just “contemporary” Christian! At 4:00 he was fast asleep and I needed to do a little ironing so I laid him down and couldn’t resist taking a picture of his cute little bottom!

Precious in his plaid shorts! I’ve said that it’s much more fun to dress a girl with the hair ribbons, dresses, cute socks and shoes but I’m enjoying dressing my little man especially in jeans, rompers and plaid shorts!

Nothing like a sleeping baby!

Shortly after daddy arrived home we went to change his diaper and he got us! (It scared us both!) And then when we pulled the diaper up to try to change him again, he got us again! Needless to say, there was pee everywhere so we had to change his clothes!

His second outfit…not as cute as the plaid shorts!!

Here is our 4 week old baby! (He looks so long in this picture!)

I love this shot that I captured! He looks like a little boy, not a baby!

And since I had him dressed in his “Thank Heaven for Little Boys” sleeper I had to take a few pictures of him!

These past 4 weeks have been wonderful! I still can’t believe that I am a mama at times but it is wonderful! I tell him probably 10 times a day “I’m your mama” and I say “I love you” probably 25! And he gets lots and lots of kisses on his forehead, cheeks and nose too!

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  1. Karen says:

    Those are the same songs I sing to my little girl! In that order!!

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