39 Weeks

Yesterday marked 39 weeks and it was the first day that I really felt pregnant (you know achy back, unmotivated, tired & big)! I’m just thankful that I’ve made it this far with so much energy!

I’m really in awe that I’m at 39 weeks! I remember all the way ┬áback in August when we found out thinking that April was forever away and then during September when I was dealing with morning sickness I didn’t know how I was going to make it through each day! Yet somehow it’s April already and we’re going to meet baby Paxton soon!

This past week has been good. I’ve felt great for the most part, getting out of bed is a bit trickier and a few nights I woke up about 6 or 7 times but I haven’t been unable to sleep which I’m so thankful for!

We went to the doctor on Monday and had a great visit (all except for the fact that I somehow gained 6 pounds…I think it was partially due to having a steak, mashed potatoes & 3 rolls at Logan’s before my visit, at least that’s what I’ll tell myself!) I was 70% effaced and about 1 centimeter dilated. We also scheduled to go ahead and induce on Friday (tomorrow!) My doctor induces after 39 weeks and doesn’t like pregnancies to go beyond 40 so we decided to go ahead and induce on the 16th (which is John David’s dad’s birthday and also my “due date” according to my calculations!) So unless I go into labor today, we’ll be going in at 6 a.m. tomorrow morning to have baby Paxton! (I know inducing is a controversial issue but we fully trust our doctor and are comfortable with our decision.)

I am dealing with mixed emotions at this point. Last night I had a brief moment of sadness because the realization that John David and I will no longer be “just us” hit me. I know things will change and many will be good changes but I will miss being able to tag along with him at work and just deciding to go do things at the spur of the moment. Even though I have some of those emotions, I’m so thrilled to finally meet this baby boy…I’ve been dreaming of being a mommy since I was 4 years old and playing mommy to my many dolls!

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