38 Weeks

I am now 38 weeks pregnant!! Wow…in less than 2 weeks we will meet our son!!

At our doctor appointment Monday I had lost 2 pounds and was about 1 centimeter dilated and my cervix was softening! Hopefully when we go back this coming Monday there will be much more progress!

Last Thursday and Friday I had horrible nights, I could not get comfortable, in fact I spent about half of Friday night in my recliner! Thankfully I’ve been sleeping well since then! Monday and Tuesday I was actually able to sleep in which was amazing! I have been waking up about 4-5 times every night this week to go to the bathroom, however once my head hits the pillow I fall right back to sleep and am comfortable so I have no complaints there!┬áMy back has hurt a little the past two days but it hasn’t been too bad!

Other than those small discomforts I feel wonderful, in fact I really can’t believe that I have only 2 weeks to go, I figured I would be miserable at this point but I’m not! In fact I don’t even waddle, can paint my own toenails, my ankles are normal and I have had very little swelling! It’s been a great pregnancy so far!

My belly has been contracting but nothing has been regular at all and it hasn’t been uncomfortable either. John David and I are anxiously awaiting the beginning of real contractions!

Our nursery is complete minus wall decorations (but I’m okay with that), the car seat and Paxton’s bag are in my car and we have our labor/hospital stay bag 85% packed!

Hopeful that my 39 week picture includes a baby boy…we’ll see!!

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