37 Weeks

I’m now full term!! It’s hard to believe that I am 37 weeks pregnant and we’ll have a baby in our arms in less than 3 weeks! We are getting more and more excited about Paxton’s arrival every single day!

We went to the doctor Monday, the baby’s head is down (which was the only thing I was concerned about!) I was not checked and he has not estimated Paxton’s weight (two questions that have been frequently asked!) He said he’ll check for dilation at 38 weeks…I go back this coming Monday and will be 37 weeks, 5 days so I’m not sure if he will check or not!

I feel good still! In fact, I’ve had a burst of craftiness this past week! I’ve been making things for Paxton! So far I’ve made a set of 3 cloth blocks, 3 burp cloths, a taggie blanket & 3 “pee pee tee pees“! I hadn’t made him anything so I was glad I had this energy for sewing! (I’ll soon be posting pictures of my projects!)

I’ve been told to expect contractions and my belly has been tightening occasionally but I have yet to experience any pain. The past two nights have been rather sleepless and my hips have been aching and I feel pressure on my pelvis (but I don’t experience these discomforts during the day!) I’m actually looking forward to the contractions picking up and going into labor at this point! I’m just so excited about meeting this baby boy!

My friend Jennifer sent us 5 personalized onesies for Paxton that we received yesterday! They are adorable:

We love these two FFA themed onesies! John David and I met through the FFA and we’re hoping that one of these days Paxton will love FFA too!!

And this one is my favorite! How adorable is that? He’ll be the cutest advertising for his mama’s blog!!

His nursery is finished (it is lacking wall decorations but I haven’t had much luck finding things that I really love!) Hopefully sometime this week I will give you a tour of the nursery!

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