35 Weeks

I cannot believe that another week has passed and now there are only 5 weeks left until Paxton’s due date!

Paxton is a very active baby boy! He is constantly moving around in my belly! Sunday during church (one of his favorite places to move) I looked down and my belly had completely changed shape…it looked like he was lying¬†diagonally¬†sideways and my belly looked like an oval! I love each of his little movements and hiccups, they’re a wonderful reminder that there is a little blessing growing!

I am feeling wonderful still! I actually slept completely through the night on Monday, what a rare treat! Of course last night I had a bit of a restless night but nothing too bad! I even went into the office today (an hour and 15 minute drive), I had a wonderful day and even came home with a little energy! Paxton’s movements are slightly uncomfortable at times, especially when I’m riding in the car and have limited motion, but I’ve not experienced much pain, which I’m thankful for.

I started packing my labor bag this weekend and it’s about half packed right now! Next week (after our last showers) I’ll pack Paxton’s hospital bag and we’ll probably get the car seat in our Escape!! That will be very exciting!!

I finally was able to meet one of my blog friends, Kelly from Joyful Adorations, her husband Jacob and 2 1/2 month old daughter Lily this Monday! John David and I met them at Cracker Barrel! We had a lovely dinner and hope to get together again sometime soon! (I didn’t taken any pictures but Kelly did…there’s even a picture of me and Lily Grace!) They gave us these sweet baby gifts! A yellow gingham blanket (matches the crib bedding), a sweet sweater with a hat and duckie lovie!

The sweater has an adorable little chicken on it! I love it!

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