35 Weeks


Somehow I’ve let 3 weeks go by since my last belly picture! I suppose it’s because this is baby number two and Paxton keeps us busy!

At 35 weeks pregnant, I’m still feeling really good. I keep expecting to be miserable with each passing week but so far it’s not been bad at all! My energy level is still pretty high, I think nesting is kicking in! I’ve been knocking out small projects here and there and trying to do my best to plan for the postpartum period {making lists of easy meals, steps to washing diapers, etc.} Last night I started writing out our labor/hospital bag lists and a packing list for Paxton’s bag. Of course, writing lists is easy but packing is another thing!


Weston is so active! Something {I think it’s an elbow or a foot} keeps jabbing me in the left side, it’s slightly uncomfortable but at the same time its really cool. Most nights he is so active, he just rolls and rolls around in my belly and my belly keeps changing shape! It’s so amazing to watch.


I am in disbelief that we have 31 days to go! I have mixed emotions right now, on one hand I don’t feel ready to be a mama to two but at the same time I’m so excited about having a new baby and to watch Paxton interact with his brother!! Now that we’re so close to the due date, I find myself wondering more and more what he’s going to look like and what will he weigh!!!

My cloth diaper stash is ready {at least I think so right now!} If he weighs 7 pounds or less at birth I may purchase a few newborn diapers to use for those first few weeks but if he’s 8 pounds or more, I’m confident he’ll be able to fit in the diapers I have by 2 or 3 weeks!

I’ve got swaddle blankets ready, newborn clothes washed and tucked in his dresser drawer, about all we need is a package or two of diapers for those first few days and we’re completely ready for baby!


Here’s another shot of the 35 week belly!

And here I am at 35 weeks with Paxton:



I think my belly looks bigger with Paxton! {I can’t help but hope this means that Weston will be a little smaller than his big brother was at birth…we’ll see in 31 days or so!!}


Here’s the adorable big brother! He’s getting so big!!


Love this sweet little face!!Paxton loves my belly! He’ll pull my shirt up, laugh at my belly button and rub my belly! When we ask him where brother is he either points at my belly or his belly! It’s so cute!!


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