34 Weeks

We have 6 weeks left until the due date! It’s amazing to think that in 6 weeks we will have a baby boy in our arms that we are completely responsible for! What a blessing and a gift from God!

Paxton is still quite active…I keep thinking he should be running out of room and slowing down his movements but that’s not the case! He is most active at night and thankfully I can fall asleep even while he is kicking and moving all around! Monday night I was cuddled up to John David and he told me he felt him moving on his back and that it was almost like the baby was inside of him! How amazing for him to experience that (while I was asleep!)

I still feel amazing, I’ve actually been sleeping a lot better the past few nights! I don’t sleep through the night but I’ve only had to get up once and I am able to get back to sleep very easily! I am so thankful for this!

I don’t have any bad aches and pains but I have noticed that for the past 2-3 days my feet have been hurting, I’m attributing that to the fact that my feet are carrying around 20 extra pounds and it’s getting a bit stressful for them! I now take more frequent breaks and sit down and prop my feet up!

This Sunday we attended a Breastfeeding Class at our hospital! I’m glad we took the class so we know that there may be challenges with breastfeeding in the beginning as well as know the proper techniques. I’m also thankful that our hospital is very much pro-breastfeeding and they have several lactation consultants! The two we met have been wonderful!

I’ve started my hospital packing list and plan to begin assembling things in my labor bag over the weekend! I just want to be ready when the time comes and not forget any of the comforts of home!

We still haven’t decided on Paxton’s middle name! We have it narrowed down but just haven’t made the official decision! I suppose we’ll know in 6 weeks what we are naming him!!

I’ve done as much nesting as I can do in the nursery for now! We have 2 showers next weekend and after those I will be able to fully complete the nursery and have everything organized and ready for our son’s arrival!

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