32 Weeks

Only 8 weeks until Paxton’s due date! That is so hard to believe but at the same time it seems like it should be closer because I am so big!!

I’m still feeling great, although I’m finding it necessary to sit down and rest throughout the day. Last night it took me a while to get motivated to cook dinner and once I started I hated ever minute of it (which is odd because I love to cook!) I’m planning on having a cooking day(s) to stock the freezer and I’m thinking the sooner the better for that so I’ll have motivation and energy!

Last night Paxton caused some discomfort for the very first time! I was sitting up in bed and all the sudden I had a dull ache in my ribs on the left side, it wasn’t horrible but I hope it doesn’t become common!

This morning before we got out of bed I was on my side and he was moving so much! He was rolling and poking his arms or feet up!! It was crazy but absolutely amazing at the same time! I told John David it seemed like he was trying to escape!! He has been very active all day today, constantly moving and changing the shape of my belly!

This has been a big week for us as far as preparations go! We had a baby shower in West Tennessee (where my family lives) and we were very blessed with things for Paxton!

Then Monday we began moving furniture into the nursery!! We moved in the crib, changing table, and rocking chair! We also put our bedding on the bed! Then last night we moved the dresser into the room, I have to paint the knobs and then I’ll be able to put the drawers in the dresser and begin organizing all of the sweet baby clothes!!

The nesting has now officially began!

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