32 Weeks

It’s been 3 weeks since I took a picture of my belly! Weston’s growing!! I’m definitely looking quite pregnant and putting on socks, shoes and bending over is getting to be quite difficult!

Thankfully my energy has come back and we rearranged all the rooms in the house and I’ve organized all 3 closets! The boys closet is the biggest closet in our house so last week I worked on a clothing organization system! I’ve just been tucking all of Paxton’s outgrown clothes into a large tote but now that I have another baby coming and will have two kids, I needed a different system! Each of the boys have 2 sweater boxes with clothes they’ll be growing into within the next year on the top shelf of the closet. I’ll probably still store some of the clothes {like the ones they won’t grow into for a year or more} in the large tote. Getting this knocked out has me feeling even more ready for Weston’s arrival!

While organizing the clothes, I put all of Weston’s newborn clothes in a drawer and the 0-3 months in the bottom drawer since he’ll quickly grow into those! It’s so exciting to open these drawers and see all the sweet tiny clothes and think that in 8 weeks we’ll have another precious little man wearing them!

We’re planning a little in regards to where Paxton will go when I go into labor and I’m making a post partum list of really simple meals that we can easily put together. I’m also working on a list of basic chores, like how to wash diapers {since it’s not as simple as putting the diapers in the wash, adding detergent and washing.} I’m also planning another “de-cluttering sweep” in the next few weeks so our house will be even easier to maintain. It seems the less clutter around, the easier it is to keep our house maintained and that will be very important when adjusting to life with 2!

Weston is a crazy man! He moves all over my belly and is so much more active than his brother ever was! I’m not in any pain or horrible discomfort but I do sometimes feel like I’ve been punched!

And now, here’s some comparison for fun:

With Paxton at 32 weeks! I do believe my belly looks much bigger here!

And for more fun:
With Paxton at 31 weeks…

And Weston at 32 weeks. Even though I’m a week ahead with Weston, I think I look quite a bit smaller. I also think it looks like I’m carrying Weston lower than I carried Paxton. Maybe a smaller belly means a smaller baby…maybe only 7.5 pounds instead of 8.5!! {And I’ve been measuring exactly on track throughout this whole pregnancy so I’m positive the dates are right.}

And a little more fun…here I am at 12 weeks in the same shirt! Wow…what a difference 20 weeks can make!

And here’s the precious big brother:

The best smile we got out of him!! He wasn’t exactly excited to be taking pictures with mama!

Wanting daddy to hold him! And I’ve been absolutely amazed that I’m still able to comfortably carry my 26 pound toddler with this growing belly! It’s amazing how mama’s adapt to take good care of their babies! Although, sometimes I don’t think Weston is thrilled that I’m holding Paxton, he’ll kick really hard which is somewhat uncomfortable for me!

3 Responses to “32 Weeks”

  1. You look fabulous! I need your cleaning/decluttering motivation here in Kansas!

  2. Louise Pittman says:

    You're still the prettiest mother to be I know

  3. Katelyn says:

    I my word Rachel, you look lovely!
    Sorry, I can’t say. Louise Pittman said cause my sister is expecting too!!
    I’m so excited to see the little gift from God come into this world! I pray Weston will be a Godly man one day!!

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