31 Weeks

Today begins the single digit countdown…9 weeks left until Paxton’s due date! I can’t believe in slightly over 2 months we’ll have a baby!

I’m feeling more and more pregnant everyday! Today I picked out an outfit to wear to my baby shower this weekend and I realized that my clothing options are becoming more limited! I really can’t believe there is 2 more months of growth left…I am going to be humongous!

I’m still feeling wonderful throughout the day, however getting comfortable at night is not exactly easy and my nights have been somewhat sleepless over the past week. Of course I suppose that’s practice for the truly sleepless nights that await me in April! I have also been struggling with waking up in the mornings but I make myself get up with John David.

I have been noticing that this week I’ve stopped for breaks a little more often in our recliner in our bedroom. It’s nice to kick my feet up and read or just relax! And those are also wonderful times for me to focus on Paxton’s movements!

Paxton has been quite active this past week! I’m still thankful he’s yet to hurt me! I’m amazed with every movement that I feel. And if John David is around I’ll get him to touch my belly so he can experience some of the movements.John David enjoys pushing on my stomach and getting Paxton to push back. It’s amazing that he responds to his touches!

We went and toured the Labor and Delivery floor at the hospital where I’ll deliver this past Saturday. I am glad that we know exactly where to go and what the facilities look like. Now, we just patiently await that big birth day!!

We also received a baby gift from my Uncle Woodie, Aunt Kim and cousins Brooke and Sierra this week! They gave us a Moby Wrap!! I was so excited about getting the Moby Wrap! It was one of the first baby items I decided that I wanted when I found out I was pregnant and I am so happy that I have one! (And even more excited that I have a couple of months to practice wrapping!!)

As soon as we opened the gift, we pulled the Moby Wrap out and John David read me the instructions while I put it on!

Here’s my first try:

We had to test it out with something so we went to the nursery and got a teddy bear (that my mom was given when I was born!) It kinda looks like I have a baby in there!

We’re bringing the Moby Wrap with us when we visit my parents this weekend and plan to give it a test run with my 8-month-old niece! I’m sure with my big belly neither me ore Emerson will be very comfortable but I’ll get a feel of what it’s like with a real baby! I’m sure John David will test it out too!! I’m excited about baby wearing…I think this Moby Wrap is going to help me be productive when Paxton comes!

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