29 Weeks

Another week has come and gone and I’m now 29 weeks pregnant…oh me, oh my! The reality that a baby is coming very soon is really starting to set in!

I think we realized this during our “snow days” on Saturday & Sunday…we slept in until 9:30 or 10, probably one of the last times until our children are teenagers! I think having a baby will force us to become morning people!

I did get out in the snow last Friday and play even though I’m pregnant! (Of course you couldn’t hardly tell by looking at me due to all of the layers!) I did not go sledding even though I really, really wanted to! I’m sure one little ride down the hill would have been fine but after hearing about so many sledding accidents people had, I’m glad I was wise and didn’t take any risks!

At 29 weeks pregnant, I’m still feeling absolutely wonderful physically! No back aches, hip aches or other aches have set in! I still feel pretty normal but am realizing my limitiations, after 2 hours in the kitchen on Tuesday I had to take a break and regroup before resuming which was definitely not “normal” for me!

Paxton is moving around a lot! His little motions, kicks and swirls are so sweet and he’s yet to cause me any pain or discomfort…hopefully it will stay that way! I love feeling our son moving around and so does John David! Every night at bedtime we have hands on my belly feeling for kicks and motions!

I am going back to the doctor this morning! Going every 2 weeks makes doctor appointments come very quickly! I’m hoping for a good report on weight gain again! We’re also getting ready to sign up for some expectant parenting classes…part of me wants to take every single one of them offered but that would take a lot of time, so we’re going to ask our doctor what he recommends!

We still haven’t began on the nursery which makes me more nervous with each passing week! My original goal, way back in September, was to have the nursery put together and organized by the end of February! So, I still have the end of February in my mind as a target completion date but if we pass that date without completion, I have a feeling this mama may be a little stressed…not to mention will probably have much less energy! I suppose I can sit in the rocking chair and tell John David where I want everything to go!

I love this candid picture John David shot of me while taking our 29 week pictures!

Close up of the belly…there is a tiny little baby Boreing in there!!

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