29 Weeks


Yesterday marked 29 weeks! Everything is still going well. Weston is still moving all the time which I love {except at night when I’m trying to sleep!}

The biggest pregnancy issue was my sugar test last week. I did just fine during my pregnancy with Paxton and didn’t think anything of this one at all. I drank the drink just fine but within 5 minutes I was feeling horrible, like about to pass out. When the midwife came into the room, she said I looked white as a ghost! She gave me some water and a damp towel and allowed me to wait in the room lying down in the dark for the remainder of the hour and they took my blood lying down. I was so embarrassed that I had an issue! I could feel that sugar in my body though and it was horrible!! Thankfully I got the results this week and I passed so no more sugar tests until baby #3! {I’m seriously considering refusing next time!}

The past week or so I’ve had low energy and motivation but I’m forcing myself to be productive. I’m ready for nesting to kick in full gear so I’ll be motivated to knock a lot of projects out!

Even with my low motivation, we’ve decided to do a room switch here! Paxton’s room is the smallest room in the house and there is not room for 2 cribs, the dresser and changing table so we’re moving the boys to our room. We’re going to be moving to the actual master bedroom which is bigger than our room and has a half bath {when we moved in we didn’t like the master since it has a door leading out to the pool deck but we’ve since decided that’s not a big deal!}. And we’re moving the office/guest room to the current nursery. Yesterday we knocked out about 90% of cleaning out the current guest room closet and moving stuff to the new guest room closet! We’ve still got lots to do but I’m not feeling overwhelmed and I’m quite excited about the changes and nesting in a new nursery!

29 weeks with Paxton:


I think I look smaller here {yikes!} I do think it looks like I’m carrying Weston lower!


Big brother! He wasn’t thrilled to have his picture taken with mama! This is the best shot we got!



For laughs:


Wanting down! Notice his leg shelf…ha ha! I’ve been holding him higher since my waist is not what it used to be! I don’t know what’s going to happen when I get bigger…I suppose it’s time to start making him walk more even though carrying is so much easier!A decent shot of Paxton and me too except for him pulling at my shirt, silly boy!



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