28 Weeks

Happy 3rd Trimester! I can hardly believe that I’m writing those words and that today I’m 28 weeks pregnant…in 9 weeks he’ll be full term!

I’m still feeling wonderful…some days I still don’t feel like I’m even pregnant (that is until I look in the mirror!) I think I’m pretty much going about my normal activities except with a little more caution (no more climbing for me & high heels were banned about 2 months ago!) Last week falling to sleep became a bit more uncomfortable so I’m now sleeping with a pillow between my legs and it has helped me a lot! Hopefully it will continue to work and I’ll be able to sleep soundly for many more weeks!

Yesterday afternoon when John David arrived home from work he informed me that Monday night he was able to spend some quality time with our son while I was sleeping! He said Paxton was moving everywhere, so much in fact that he was tempted to wake me up so I could feel it! I haven’t yet felt him moving as much as John David described so I was a tiny bit jealous, but at the same time I think it’s awesome that John David was able to experience a first with the baby!

My doctor appointment went very well last week! In fact I had lost 1 pound from 2 weeks before which I was happy about and so was my doctor! (I was told to slow down the weight gain…) Hopefully I will be able to maintain my weight and it will beĀ similarĀ at my visit next week! I’m trying to eat much healthier and exercising more!

Monday we put another coat of paint on Paxton’s dresser! It’s now ready to be moved into the nursery! I’m so excited to begin putting the nursery together and getting all of his sweet baby things organized!!

The belly!! (John David asked me if I was okay with these pictures once he took them and I said “no!” due to how big I look! He then informed me “I can’t change the content of the photograph”…oh well!)

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