27 Weeks

Wow, this is the last week of the 2nd trimester!! And tomorrow is 3 months from our due date!! The day is getting so close!!

I still feel really good and I hope I keep feeling this good! Although, Sunday I had a bit of a taste of what may be ahead of me, I woke up early because my back hurt and I was more comfortable getting up than trying to sleep (and I love my sleep!) And on Sunday I also had achy hips but thankfully that was just on Sunday and they haven’t ached anymore this week! Last night it took me moving around a few minutes to settle into a comfortable sleeping position…I’m planning to take an extra pillow with me to bed tonight!

Paxton is regularly moving and I love it! His little kicks aren’t uncomfortable and I love the little reminders that there is indeed a baby boy growing inside!! He still loves to move around during church services, I can pretty much count on baby activity during the sermon!

My doctor called today, I passed my sugar test (yay!) However, my iron was low so I’m now taking iron supplements. I go back to the doctor tomorrow, hard to believe since I was there 2 weeks ago!

We’ve planned shower dates with my family and John David’s family and are looking forward to going to visit with our family and friends at the showers and celebrating baby Paxton!

We haven’t started on the nursery yet and I’m getting anxious! I would love to have the furniture in the nursery by the end of February and begin organizing all of the precious baby things!

Paxton still doesn’t have a middle name! I’ve told John David several times this week, “We need to name our son!” We have spent lots of time throwing out names and taking suggestions from family and friends! We have somewhat of a narrowed down list but nothing concrete! I’d love to “finalize” a middle name soon!!

Today I went into the nursery and looked through Paxton’s things (we have all of his things stashed in the closet until we get our dresser and changing table in the room and I can get things really organized). I looked through his clothes, snapped the cloth diapers onto the small settting, smelled baby lotion and pulled his farm play mat out of the bag (it’s even cuter than I thought!) Looking at all the sweet tiny things is exciting and makes it seem like more of a reality!!

The 27 week belly! I definitely look pregnant and just this week have had several comments from people at church asking when the baby was due and telling me congratulations!!

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