26 Weeks

I’m finding that the weeks are passing faster the further along I get! It used to feel like forever between weeks, now they’re sneaking up on me and I’m having a hard time remembering how many weeks along I am!

This past Thursday was the dreaded sugar test!! Honestly, everyone makes it seem so much worse than it really is! I didn’t think it was all that bad! The drink tasted like a flat orange soda…not some nasty, thick, horrible tasting substance that most women had led me to believe! So, first time mom’s don’t dread this…it’s not bad, honest!! And I was so proud of myself when I had my blood drawn, I didn’t pass out! (At my first visit I just about passed out…I attribute that to the fact that I hadn’t had anything to eat because of morning sickness though!) Nonetheless, I didn’t want that embarrassment again!

I also was told that I need to slow down on my weight gain (blush!) My ob attributed it partially to the holidays but I also think he’s looking back at my initial visit weight (which is 8 pounds less than my normal weight since I wasn’t hardly eating at that point in my pregnancy!) I don’t feel like I am packing on the pounds but I am making a conscious effort to eat healthier foods and only drink water or orange juice!

Baby Paxton has been quite a mover the past two days! Tuesday afternoon he was active for about 2 hours straight, I was getting kicked from just about every direction! And again last evening for a couple hours he was moving around a lot! Those movements are so exciting!!

I’m still feeling absolutely wonderful! My belly isn’t in my way yet!! I have found that bending down and then getting up is becoming increasingly difficult!

My nesting instincts are really kicking in! I told John David that we’re spending this weekend doing things like cleaning out our filing cabinet and planning (our will, available shower dates, finishing the basement room so we can get the nursery together…huge priority to me!!)

We were very blessed with a huge box of baby items for Paxton this week from a blog friend, Amy! We’re amazed at all that we’ve been given for him! We’ve only purchased 3 cloth diapers and one outfit for our little guy! We’ve been given everything else (including our crib from John David’s parents and our dresser from my parents!)

A better view of the belly!! (I am amazed to see pictures of my growing belly…I don’t feel like I am this big!!)

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