25 Weeks

Today I’m 25 weeks pregnant! I’m feeling great still but I’m starting to need more sleep!

Paxton is definitely becoming more active, especially at night! Monday night while John David was watching football I was laying on my side on the couch beside him and the baby was moving! John David put his hand on the side of my belly and said “the baby rolled in my palm!” His eyes were huge and we just looked at each other because it’s definitely becoming more real that there is a little person growing!

I love feeling the little kicks but they are definitely getting stronger and somewhat distracting (he likes to move during church services!)

While we were visiting my family, we were given baby gifts! It really was like a mini shower! My Aunt Tammy gave us a farm play set, my Aunt Kelly gave us a onesie, baseball outfit and farm playset and my Grandma gave us several outfits, socks, shoes, and a homemade blanket!

Adorable onesie from my Aunt Kelly…it’s 0-3 months and I can’t wait to see tiny baby Paxton in this! (The star says Sheriff!!) Too cute!!

My grandma made us this fleece blanket with a farm print that I love! I really love this blanket because it will grow with him…it will be perfect for him to play on as a baby and as he gets older it will keep him warm in his toddler bed!

A better shot of the belly! 15 more weeks!!

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