25 Weeks


Taking a picture every week has become quite the chore so right now it’s every two weeks! I finally managed to remember to snap this picture at 25 weeks 4 days! {It’s not flattering at all, hubby was in a hurry and it’s time for a hair cut!!}

Everything is going quite well. We still have one active little boy. He’s moves quite frequently these days, still much more active than Paxton. Sometime last week I started sleeping with a pillow between my legs and am having a difficult time getting comfortable at night. {I think I was about 37 weeks with Paxton before this discomfort set in!}

I still cannot believe how quickly the weeks are flying by and that we only have a little more than 3 months left. It’s so exciting yet so scary! I am so excited that I’m going to have my very own newborn again but the thought of having 2 babies is a little intimidating. I mostly think, am I going to be able to give Paxton the attention that an active toddler needs while caring for a new baby. I know I’ll probably laugh at some of these anxieties in a few short months once I get into a rhythm with 2!

25 weeks with Paxton:




I can’t tell much of a difference, I do think the angle of the picture makes it look like I’m carrying Weston higher but I really think I’m carrying them about the same!

The biggest thing I’ve been preparing for these past two weeks is figuring out how I’m going to cloth diaper two. I’ve been doing all kinds of research and thinking in regards to diapers. We currently have 24 diapers (between pockets and prefolds) and those last 3 days (I wash every other day and have a day’s supply when I wash.) I figured that we’re going through about 8 diapers a day so right now I am thinking that having about 32 diapers will be the minimum number {I’ll probably want to have about 34 or 35 for a little wiggle room!}. I have a ‘plan’ including a few small diapers for Weston that will fit him trimly and a few more one-size diapers for both boys. Finally coming up with this number of diapers has made me feel so much more prepared! It’s funny what the things are that I worry about these days! I also am going to need a bigger diaper pail! I already need one, with doublers in Paxton’s day time diapers now, we’re filling our pail up after a day and a half so there is absolutely no way I can continue to use it! Time to research the best option for that!

And here’s big brother! He is absolutely adorable in his tractor shirt!

We think he’s beginning to understand that we’re having a baby. The past few days when we ask him where brother is, he’ll point to my belly! So exciting!

And do you think Paxton and I look alike? I think so in this shot! {Probably because I’m gaining weight and my face is getting some toddler chub to it! :)}


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  1. Sarah says:

    25 weeks already? You look so cute.

  2. Meg says:

    You look great as always!
    And "chub?" Pa-Leaze!

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