23 Years

I turned 23 today! This was the first birthday that I haven’t just completely looked forward to for some reason, not that 23 is a “big” number, it’s just an “odd” number and I was pretty content with 22! However, my mom thought I was turning 24 and my Grandpa thought I was 22 so I am realizing that age really doesn’t matter!!

This was another significant age to me because I am now older than my mom was when I was born!! She was 22 and 1 month when I was born and I think it’s kind of neat because I will be 23 and 1 month when Paxton arrives! (I am one year behind her with significant life changes…she married at 18, I was 19!!)

We kept the birthday celebration pretty low key (which we always do!) John David was at a conference all day and brought home Taco Bell…yum! (I’ve probably had Taco Bell for over half of my birthday dinners, I just love it!) We also agreed to a small birthday budget for this year and he did wonderful, he gave me 3 beautiful red roses and a box of Fun Dip (which is another one of my favorite things, I will have to ration it because Paxton and I don’t need too much sugar!)

The “birthday” table!! All of my cards, roses and Fun Dip!

These are so beautiful!

And here’s my birthday cake! It’s far from beautiful but tastes very yummy….Strawberry Cake & Icing, it just doesn’t get any better than that!! (It did turn out much better than last year’s Strawberry Cake though!!)

After eating our dinner, we sat down on the couch and read “Our Love Story” which is a scrapbook I made ¬†about us meeting and our 9 months of dating! We spent about an hour sitting together reading, reminiscing & being thankful that God brought us together!

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