21 Weeks

This past Saturday marked 21 weeks! Unfortunately, 21 weeks started off on a rough foot with a severe backache and some cramping. I believe the cramping was a result of the backache and the backache was due to having a toddler sleeping with us the night before (he takes up more of the bed than John David and I do since he has a habit of sleeping long ways with his feet on John David and his head on me!)

It took me awhile to get going that morning but I finally started feeling better, just took it easy throughout the day!

Baby Weston is quite the mover! He likes music and now becomes quite active when I’m ready to go to bed…just like big brother did! I am loving all of these kicks and movements though.

21 weeks with Paxton:

I think I look about 100% better in this picture! I’ll blame this week’s back picture on my backache! The belly seems about the same!

With big brother! He had just gotten out of the bath, that’s why he has ‘crazy’ hair!
I love this sweet little smile!!


5 Responses to “21 Weeks”

  1. KatelynG says:

    Hey Rachel! It’s so exciting to finally find out what the gender is! I can’t wait to see little Weston! Paxton is so adorable!

    Are you looking for ideas for middle names? If so I’ll put some down at the bottom.

    Praying that y’all have a healthy baby! I’m glad your pregnancy is going well!

    Weston Samuel-

    Weston Bolt-

    Weston Luke-

    Weston Jesse-

    Weston Owen-

    Hope these help!

  2. Meg says:

    I think you look great in BOTH pictures. I'm sorry for your aches and pains on Saturday, but thank goodness it's over! One more week closer to meeting little Weston!

    • Rachel says:

      Thank you! I can't believe we are one week closer…the weeks are flying by way too quickly! So much to do, so little time is how I feel most days but I know everything will work out!! And, I am so thankful the aches are gone…I really feel for pregnant women who endure months of back pain!

  3. Molly says:

    I really enjoy these weekly updates – I finally figured out that you always stand on the same side!
    And you look fantastic!

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