19 Weeks


Well, now that I’m 19 weeks and 6 days, I finally took my 19 week picture! It’s been a crazy busy week filled with late nights for John David, transcribing for me and a cranky teething toddler! Taking a picture of my belly has been at the back of my mind but I had to take a 19 week picture today since I’ll be 20 weeks tomorrow!

My belly is steadily growing and I’m feeling like I look pregnant! In fact, those pants I’m wearing are maternity capris! I prefer wearing dresses or elastic waist pants while at home so I wore these today for comfort.

Our sweet little one is moving everywhere! I love feeling those little kicks and flutters.


Here I am at 19 weeks 1 day with Paxton:


I think my belly looks more round now! And this picture just gave me a self esteem boost since those are maternity jeans also! So, breaking out the maternity clothes right at the halfway point is okay!


And here’s the handsome big brother! It was 8:30 in the morning and we had nowhere to go but Paxton is wearing his shoes! Actually, they’re called ‘do-es’ by him…so cute! He loves wearing his ‘do-es’!


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