18 Weeks


I believe the baby belly is officially here to stay! I’m definitely looking pregnant and have been getting some belly comments!

Getting dressed is becoming more and more of a challenge! My wardrobe is narrowing quickly! I believe I have 3 pair of capris and a skirt that fit comfortably right now. My jeans are out of the question because it’s too hot! I love my 2 jersey dresses, they are so comfortable!!

I’m still feeling the baby moving throughout the day! It’s mostly just sweet little flutters that simply remind me I’m pregnant but occasionally I’ll get a pretty big kick! I’m so interested to see how different this baby’s personality is even in the womb, Paxton was so gentle with his movements, he never once kicked me in the ribs or caused discomfort! I’m hoping we have another gentle baby but I have a feeling this one is going to be a bit more active judging by what I’m already feeling at 18 weeks! {I didn’t feel Paxton at all until 19 weeks!}

In less than 2 weeks we’ll have our second ultrasound and hopefully find out whether there will be a little brother or little sister joining the family! I’m not feeling impatient at all, I am excited but these weeks are just flying by so quickly that there is no need for impatience!

With each passing week I start feeling a bit of pressure to get things done! There is nothing major to do but I’m working on a simple housekeeping routine that will hopefully make the adjustment to life with 2 a little easier. We need to clean out our office/guest room pretty thoroughly and we just keep putting that off so that’s weighing on me a little bit! I also need to start thinking more about the nursery! We know we’ll be putting both babies in the same room so we need to figure out the best furniture layout, organize drawers to prepare for holding clothing for 2 and maybe build a shelf in the closet for a little more storage space.

18 weeks with Paxton:


I think my belly looks about the same in these two shots!


Here’s the handsome big brother! He’s looking so much like a little boy these days {especially when he wears shorts and a t-shirt instead of a little romper!}

With each passing week I’m getting more confident about having 2 since Paxton is maturing so much! He’s a little sponge these days, learning so much and listening pretty well to what we tell him!
And here’s a more detailed shot of the belly! {Ignore the silly expression on my face!} These pictures were taken around 8:30 in the morning so I can’t use the excuse of a a big dinner!!


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  1. Sarah says:

    You look so cute. Can't wait to find out what you are having.

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