18 Months


{Running to his daddy!}

Dear Paxton,

You are 18 months old! A year and a half! On one hand it’s hard to believe that you’re this old already but then again it’s hard to believe that you’re still this young! Since you’re so tall and smart, we often think of you as a 2-year-old! You’re just as tall as most of the 2-year-olds that we know and almost everybody thinks you’re already 2! And Daddy and I feel like we’ve had you in our family forever!

You are so full of life and personality! From your love of music {specifically guitars and drums}, to your love of technology {you make Daddy proud} to your love for people, we are always entertained and have full hearts! Like any 18-month-old you do have your tantrums and moments that make us tired but most of the time you are so happy and joyful and this makes us want many more kids!!

You love to eat, I never would have guessed that somebody so small could eat so much. At some meals you eat about as much as we do! You recently started saying eat, which sounds more like “eee”! We hear this word quite frequently throughout the day! Another favorite word is water, pronounced “wawa” by you!

More words we hear quite frequently are guitar, paa (iPad), baby, doe (shoe), side (outside), go, eese (cheese), moo, meow, dog and several more! You love to talk! Oh, and you say Daddy and Mama all the time!

You love people. You let anybody hold you and you love to high five and fist bump! It’s precious!

One of your favorite places right now is at church on stage since your daddy lets you play on the drums there! It’s like your playground! And you adore being in daddy’s truck listening to music! You also love going out to the garage and playing there.

At your 18 month check up you weighed 26 pounds 4 ounces! You were in the 55th percentile for both weight and height. The doctor was quite impressed with your vocabulary and your high five!

We are pretty certain that you are going to be an amazing big brother! You love babies! You have a natural gentleness around them and you do so well loving your babies (your doll and teddy bear). Lately if mama or daddy is napping, you are sure to tell the other parent ‘shh’, letting us know that we need to be quiet! We are hoping this habit remains once Weston arrives!

We love you!!

And here are several pictures taken on October 16, the day he was 18 months: 


Getting daddy’s keys! A boy needs keys to drive his 4-wheeler {which was salvaged from in front of a dumpster…thought I’d share that bit of frugality!}



Our big driver!


Getting some love from mama!


I told him “I need a hug” and he came running! I love the sweetness!


And time for kisses! Paxton loves to kiss!




Getting some loving from daddy!


Daddy always makes him smile, giggle and laugh louder than anybody else!


Having fun with daddy! Our precious 18-month-old boy!


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