17 Weeks


Another week has passed! We’re now at 17 weeks…which is very, very close to halfway!

I’m finally feeling the baby! For the past week or so I thought I was feeling our little one moving and around Thursday I was definitely sure it was the baby moving! John David was even able to feel a few of the stronger kicks on Monday!!

My belly is still slowly growing! I feel like I just look like I never lost my baby weight with Paxton now. There are times (especially in the evenings) that I look about 5 or 6 months pregnant but typically I just look chunky! I prefer wearing stretchy pants, dresses or loose fitting bottoms these days!!

Pregnancy is so different this time. I’m honestly even more in awe of the fact that I’m pregnant and that there is a person growing inside of me than I was with Paxton. I think so many times with first babies it’s all about the stuff, people can’t wait to find out what the gender is so they can start buying things for the baby and preparing the nursery and such. When I was pregnant with Paxton I’d make out lists of what he needed and what we needed to do before his arrival. With this baby, I’ve realized that babies don’t need much more than love, milk, clean diapers, a blanket or two and  a few outfits. I could care less about the stuff, I’m just looking forward to feeling this baby growing and its personality develop! This pregnancy is not as exciting as a first pregnancy on one hand but on the other hand it’s even more exciting because we know what to expect and know our love for our baby, Paxton and our family is just going to grow even more!

16 weeks with Paxton:

I definitely think there is more of a bump in this picture. {Also, this has to be the worst picture I took while pregnant with Paxton…it’s awful!}

And for more fun, here I am at 13 weeks 4 days in the same shirt as I took my 17 week picture! I’m definitely growing!

And here’s the adorable big brother! We snapped this just before bed and it was hard getting a good shot! {And look how tan he is, this child tans like his daddy and makes his mama look white as a ghost!}


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