16 Weeks


Saturday marked 16 weeks. Seriously, they are flying by. I can hardly believe that in 4 weeks we’ll be halfway!

My belly is growing! It’s hard to tell I’m pregnant in the morning and early afternoon but after dinner, wow. Friday evening we went out for frozen yogurt and when I got dressed to go, I was amazed that I looked nearly 5 months pregnant! {This picture was taken after dinner so my belly is poking out quite a bit!} I’m no longer wearing my smallest pants, we’ve moved up to roomier clothes, so I’m much more comfortable.

This past week I really felt an energy boost, I’m still tired and enjoy naps but I’m not as tired as I was. I’m hoping my energy level continues to increase in the coming weeks!

We had an appointment this past Thursday. I gained 4 pounds since the last visit and we heard our little one’s heartbeat {the best part of the visit!} We scheduled our next appointment for August 11th. We should find out if we’re going to have a boy or a girl at that visit!

I keep thinking I’m feeling some flutters but nothing seems definite. I am looking forward to feeling this baby move.

Here I am at 16 weeks with Paxton:


I think I look about the same/maybe a little smaller here.


With the new 15-month-old big brother. These were taken just before Paxton’s bedtime so he’s wearing his jammies. He was wearing a black shirt and khaki pants earlier in the day {until he spilled something all over them}…we could have matched.


Giving my sweet boy some loving!!Paxton puckering up for daddy. He would not kiss me for anything, he kept leaning towards his daddy…so cute!!

Paxton is┬ácontinuing┬áto learn and listens better each and every week it seems! As he’s listening better and becoming more and more independent I’m less scared about having 2 babies! I know 20.5 months is still a baby in many ways but thinking that 5.5 months more ‘mature’ than he is now helps to ease my mind!!


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