15 Weeks

Here I am at 15 weeks! {We actually took a picture on the right day!!}

I’m finding that the weeks are just flying by and I’m still in disbelief that I’m actually pregnant and there will be another little person in our family in less than 6 months!

My belly is visible now! It’s not too visible in the mornings but once I eat lunch and especially dinner it’s huge! I’m finding that I’m wanting to wear stretchy pants, dresses or pants that are about 2 sizes bigger than normal now because I want some room!!

I’m still feeling tired. I was hoping that would go away once I hit the second trimester! Of course I am chasing after an incredibly active toddler! I try to combat the tiredness by napping at least during one of Paxton’s nap times each day.

I keep thinking that I am feeling the baby move but nothing has been definite! I know it’s coming soon and I cannot wait to feel those little flutters!!

15 weeks with Paxton:

I really think my belly looks about the same!!

And here’s the incredibly cute, adorable and fun big brother! He was quite excited about taking a picture this week!


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  1. Amanda says:

    You look so cute!!! I am going to not compare myself to you since your half my size ha!! But I am really just noticing my belly below my belly button rounding out!! I am so excited to watch it grow and watch yours grow!!! Just think we will be too Hot Mommas at Thanksgiving ha!!

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