13 Weeks

Here’s baby Boreing #2 at 13 weeks 4 days! There is a little bit of a belly starting but it really just looks like I ate too many brownies!

I don’t feel like I look pregnant at all and some of my smaller jeans (like these) are starting to get a little snug {in fact they are currently unbuttoned and I’m thinking I may put on a belly band to wear these the rest of the day!} Thankfully I have a wide array of pants from size 2 to 8 in my wardrobe (due to weight fluctuations and being in the child bearing years!) so I’ve got quite a bit of growing to go before I’ll be having to turn to maternity pants {which I currently don’t even have since my sister just had a baby and we share maternity clothes!}

During the day, I cannot see or feel my uterus at all but in the morning when my bladder is full, it’s pushed out and poking up! It’s wild!! I love waking up in the morning and feeling my belly! I lay in bed, rub my belly and try to resist the urge to go to the bathroom as long as I can because once I go, it’s gone, at least for now!! I know the belly will be here to stay before long so I better just enjoy being able to bend over the bathtub to give Paxton a bath and washing dishes without leaning akwardly!

I am looking forward to feeling this sweet little one moving around and even more excited about the moment when John David and Paxton can feel the baby!!

13 weeks with Paxton:

Not a big difference in these two shots but I do think my belly is more visible here.

Here’s big brother! He looks smaller in this week’s picture than last week’s! I think that is partially due to the fact that this was taken early in the day instead of late afternoon when he was full of energy!

Paxton is growing up so much and becoming such a little boy and a helper! He’s listening to us much better and he even will go and get some items for us when we ask! I’m thinking that in 6 months when baby brother or sister arrives that he’ll be a little helper for mama and daddy!0


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  1. Molly says:

    Are there pictures of your sister and her new baby? New babies are cute!

  2. Amanda says:

    You look so good Rachel!! I wish I could have started out that skinny ha! But O well!

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