1 Month Checkup

Today was Paxton’s 1 month check-up! My estimate was that he would weigh between 10.5 to 11 pounds! He weighed 10 pounds 11 ounces and was 23 inches long! He is in the 85%th percentile for height! We are so happy he is growing so well! He had one shot today and did pretty good, he cried a little but it wasn’t too hard for mama to handle!

We went to church tonight too! I brought dinner and John David and I ate around 4:45 and then I fed Paxton at 5:00. The service started at 6:15 and he did great during singing but once the sermon began he started crying so I had to leave. He was fussy so I was unable to go back into the service. John David did come out of the sound booth and sat on a bench with me outside of the worship center and held Paxton. He was able to soothe him, I believe he was just tired of mama!!

Here’s our little man. He was fussy and I sat him down like this and he calmed down! He’s ready to be independent!

After church I came home, fed Paxton and then Skyped with my mom, dad, sister and Emerson! I was able to see Emerson take 4 steps! How exciting! She is 11 months now and its amazing to see her! I enjoyed chatting with my family and they enjoyed seeing our little man!

Once John David got home he gave Paxton a bath while I went ahead and got ready for bed!

Wearing a sweet “Daddy Loves Me” sleeper! (And his BumGenius diaper stuffed with the regular insert & newborn insert…that’s why he looks so thick in the middle!)

I think he’s getting sleepy!!

Now, I’m going to go nurse (and smell that sweet smelling baby hair) and go to bed!

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  1. Mary says:

    Just out of curiosity .. what injection did he have? We didn't have any until 2 months so just wondering!

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